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The GANT brand is very well known in many parts of the world. It is considered semi-American, semi-Swedish because the main divisions are located in the United States and Sweden. The company was founded by the Jew Bernard Gantmacher back in 1949. He came to New York in 1907 from Ukraine and got a job in a large sewing workshop where he was responsible for sewing shirt flaps. While working in the factory, the man also met his future wife, who was his colleague and was responsible for sewing buttons. However, the couple got married only after the end of World War I, when the future designer returned from compulsory military service. The couple then decided to open their own business and sewed shirts for famous American clothing brands such as Brooks Brothers and Manhattan. Many years later, the family couple decided to establish the GANT brand, which is now fully owned by the couple’s sons.

We sell MIX category, in packs of 30 pieces. Each package consists of various sizes and models of clothing for men, women and children. All clothes are new with original labels and without defects.

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