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What is Brand Club?

Brand Club is a trusted well-known brands wholesale fashion products supplier. With over 16 years of experience, we are experts at sourcing the right mix of fashion goods for our clients, whether they are looking for global brands or smaller boutiques.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have cultivated with our brands, and our ability to ship worldwide. We can help you meet your fashion needs.

Why choose Brand Club?

As a client you will have a personal consultant.
You will be able to easily view our digital catalog in multiple formats to choose from.
Our goods are packed and ready to ship so no waiting!

Don’t pay more than you have to. Enjoy the same quality at a great price. Experience the benefits of our services first hand.

E-commerce friendly

Brand Club helps your business sell new fashion goods and retain customers by creating a custom catalog of your company’s brand. We can provide you with PDF, CSV and Google Sheets catalogs.

Our showroom

Our 5,000 Sq Ft showroom is located in a quiet, modern part of Kaunas. We invite you to relax and enjoy a coffee, a glass of wine or sparkling water while you browse our product range and discuss your requirements with our sales managers.
“We are really happy to partner with Brand Club. We cooperate effectively and we really enjoy working with them.”
“Brand Club is a very professional team — a serious distribution company which acts with the utmost discretion.”
“Brand Club is a credible company that helps us to clear our overstock professionally and without dilution of our local market.”

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