We pride ourselves on the brands we’ve been able to cultivate relationships with

Whether you are looking for an established global brand or for boutique brands aiming to make a big impact, contact our sales department to find out how we can help meet your needs. We treat the distribution of all our brands with the same care and efficiency. However, we realize that there are distinct logistical requirements for larger brands. Lastly, at Brand Club, we have experience helping clients source hard-to-obtain premium and luxury brand stock.

Some of the global fashion brands that we’ve worked with

“We are really happy to partner with Brand Club. We cooperate effectively and we really enjoy working with them.”
“Brand Club is a very professional team — a serious distribution company which acts with the utmost discretion.”
“Brand Club is a credible company that helps us to clear our overstock professionally and without dilution of our local market.”

High-Street overstock

If you are a company looking to find an outlet for your closeout, end-of-season, sample lots, or faulty goods, we can help you distribute your product to key buyers that suit your distribution needs. Get in touch with our buying manager to find out how we can help you streamline a key part of your business product distribution.

Read about how we were able to work with Nickelson to redistribute a significant volume of stock.

If you’re interested in selling stock, contact us and provide as much information as you possibly can. We require a full-packing list, pictures of the stock and a catalog of the associated season, if available. If you are a retailer, agent or distributor, evidence of authenticity is required. We also need to know if the garments have any restrictions in terms of market distribution.

High-Street brands

We know that boutique brands are often an essential part of your sales mix, which is why we have built supply relationships with some of the sharpest emerging brands in the business.

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